• Image of Anden Enhed - Første Halvår (12" LP)

Anden Enhed is a new Danish duo, working with analogue synthesizers – sequenced in and out of time. Their music is generated from system-orientated improvisations and is concerned with cyclic forms and organic periodic shifts. The record moves across six states of vibrant dynamics in which grand narratives give way for a preoccupation with timbral and rhythmic microstructures. The music can be perceived as an abrupt meditation; utopian and self-absorbed in its own logic, mirroring images from a long and murky history of ritualistic folk music, modern composition and cosmic music.

12" LP


A1 – Fortegn

A2 – Hoveddør

A3 – Første Vendekreds
B1 – Andet Afsæt
B2 – Fortætning

B3 – Mængde & Udløb
Time: 33.3 min.

Speed: 33.3 rpm.

Quantity: 333 units

All music, technique and graphics: Anden Enhed
Andreas Pallisgaard & Michael Mørkholt